Cars with Large Engines Top Stolen Vehicles List

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Aug. 1, 2019—Two large cars known for their large, powerful engines top the Highway Loss Data Institute's list of vehicles most likely to be stolen.

The Dodge Charger HEMI and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, have claim rates for whole-vehicle theft that are more than five times the average for 2016-18 models. Nearly all 20 models with the highest theft rates are vehicles with big engines, luxury vehicles or pickups.

Two of the vehicles on the least-stolen list are the Tesla Model S and Model X. Their low theft rate may be related to the fact that, as electric vehicles, they are usually parked in garages or close to a house to be near a power supply.

By looking at claims per insured vehicle year, HLDI’s theft reports allow people to compare the relative risk of each vehicle. In contrast, other most-stolen-vehicle lists report raw numbers of thefts and are therefore dominated by the most common vehicles on the road.

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