Cruise Postpones Launch of Self-Driving Taxis

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July 24, 2019—GM’s Cruise, a self-driving taxi service, will not debut in San Francisco at the end of 2019 as was originally projected, according to a report by The Verge.

After plans to offer the ride-hailing service at the end of the year, GM is now holding off and not committing to a future date at this time.

“Our goal is to get there as soon as possible,” said Cruise’s CEO Dan Ammann. “We want that moment to come as quickly as we can. But everything that we do right now is going to be dated by safety. And that’s why we’re increasing our testing and validation mileage just to get to that point as rapidly as possible.”

The company plans to increase the number of autonomous test vehicles on San Francisco roads, but will not be offering rides to regular consumers this year. The service, however, still plans to debut in San Francisco and is testing in Arizona and Michigan.

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