Shop Relocates to Better Perform ADAS Calibrations

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In early June, Jack Perea, owner of Superior Replacement in Riverside, Calif., officially opened the new location of his shop⁠—which now includes more than 12,000 extra square feet.

The extra room is needed for Perea’s unique business model, Superior Replacement is a repair shop that narrowly focuses on doing ADAS calibrations for auto body shops. Perea said that his shop has been doing the calibrations since 2017, but in his old 2,300-square-foot building, he struggled for space.

ADAS calibrations require a large amount of room, 30 feet wide and 40 feet deep, to be exact. Certain lighting and level floors are also a necessity, something a lot of auto body shops lack. 

The shop’s new location is set up to be streamlined, said Perea, and is only approximately 100 yards from the shop’s old location. When the tenants of the soon-to-be new location left, Perea walked in and had a vision of what the new space could entail, he jumped all in and signed the lease. The move was short and smooth, the short distance allowed for Superior Replacement to continue to function at high capacity.

ADAS calibrations have proven to be a strong business model for Perea, Superior Replacement does around $160,000 a month, with a new location opening in Victorville, Calif., this summer.

“As demand grows for them (ADAS calibrations), I want to be leading the way⁠—at least in my region,” Perea said to Ratchet+Wrench

The shop’s new location grand opening brought in both old and new support, the news on social media has taken on a life of its own, said Perea, and sales have already increased dramatically.


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