Mercedes C300 Comes with New Tech, Safety Features

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June 3, 2019—The Mercedes C300 comes equipped with new technology and safety features, reported CNBC.

It not only automatically brakes to avoid a rear-end collision, but can also detect cross traffic and stop you from T-boning another car. If it senses that you’re about to be hit, it can tense the seatbelts. If it thinks your brakes can’t stop you from hitting a pedestrian, it will steer around it.

It also offers semi-autonomous driving that will assist drivers by holding the car in its lane and adjust speed based on traffic and speed limits. If you signal and there is no car in the way, it will carry out a lane change under your supervision. If you signal in a zone where passing isn’t allowed — like a construction zone with solid white lines — the C300 will wait to change lanes until it is in a passing zone. according to the report. 

The C300 is the least-potent C-Class, but it still offers 255 horsepower from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The shift logic of the Mercedes 9-speed automatic is also fantastic, making the most of the engines low-end grunt. 

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