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Improve Efficiency with Toyota Genuine Parts

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There are many ways to improve shop efficiency: Upgrade tech and tools. Attend industry training events. Track key performance indicators. However, the most efficient way in which to ensure precise repairs: purchasing Toyota Genuine Parts. Toyota Dealers are here to help.


Less Comebacks, More Greenbacks

“I’ve seen the benefits that shops enjoy when working with their Toyota dealer parts managers and Toyota Genuine Parts,” says Eric Mendoza, Manager, Wholesale Parts & Certified Collision, Toyota Motor North America. Previously a technician and a service manager at an independent shop, and then experience on the dealer side, Mendoza has spent the last seven years at the corporate level. “Having both experiences has helped me to thoroughly understand that the value of installing Toyota Genuine Parts cannot be overstated,” states Mendoza.
“Working with Toyota dealer parts departments can help a shop improve efficiency and profitability,” he continues. “A shop can call their Toyota dealer wholesale parts department—the only OEM-authorized distribution channel—and get any part and ancillary parts that are necessary to complete the repair on their first call.”
Toyota dealers have an estimated 98–99 percent fill rate, meaning shops will have the part they need 9 out of 10 times, within 24 hours. In many cases, same-day service is available, helping keep cycle time down and revenue up. Mendoza knows that shops who work with a Toyota parts professional see their Toyota dealer as partners in the quality and reliability of their customers’ vehicle repairs.
“Quality, reliability, and a perfect fit sets us apart from the aftermarket and assists with shop cycle times. What’s more, many Toyota Genuine Parts are competitively priced with the aftermarket, enabling shop owners to keep a customer’s Toyota a Toyota at a competitive price. When you work with a Toyota dealer, there’s one point of contact, one phone call,” Mendoza says.
In 2017, for example, Toyota launched its new Toyota Genuine Radiator and Condenser product line. Priced competitively with many aftermarket choices and available for over 80% of Toyotas on the road today, Mendoza notes that the quality and reliability of these components is 100 percent backed by the manufacturer with a full warranty. They are designed, tested and approved by Toyota engineers and are ready to install with all factory fitments included.

Toyota Radiator & Condenser Product Line from Liehr Marketing & Communications on Vimeo.


“Another extremely valuable benefit of working with a Toyota dealer parts department is that the shop can tap into the parts manager’s specific expertise in OEM repair processes and procedures,” Mendoza continues. “If a shop calls and needs a specific part, the parts manager can recommend the correct supplemental parts needed for the repair. And, you can get guidance and enjoy the assurance that the parts you're receiving—any Toyota Genuine Part—will fit the repair."

And when parts fit, customers are happy. They know they’ve received the best repair possible with the correct, OEM-matching part or component. Their vehicle has been restored to like-new status, helping achieve a safer drive.


Leverage the Power of the Manufacturer

Mendoza also outlines how shops can leverage not only the power of Toyota Genuine Parts for safer, more efficient and quality repairs, but also the network of Toyota support resources available to independent shops.

“There’s a massive asset net to be utilized—when a shop works with a Toyota dealer," continued Mendoza. That asset net includes a host of support resources, such as a comprehensive online collision parts ordering system,Toyota-sponsored discounts on Toyota Genuine Parts, real-time delivery tracking tools, and access to Toyota's Collision Repair & Refinish Training. These resources are designed to help improve order accuracy, minimize phone time, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Toyota Genuine Parts coupled with the power of the asset net (and dedicated dealership professionals) provides shops more robust and comprehensive means by which to assess and repair vehicles, bolster efficiency and increase revenue. In today’s world of hi-tech vehicles, information overload and a review-happy customer base, be sure you’re making the best repair for maximum safety each and every day.

It only takes one unhappy customer to break a shop. To see what Toyota can do to maximize quality repairs in your shop and to avoid future rainy-day comebacks, visit

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