Honda Updates Post-Scan, Calibration Position Statement

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May 23, 2019—Honda recently issued a new position statement on post-collision diagnostic scan and calibration requirements for Honda and Acura vehicles. 

It's the position of American Honda that all vehicles involved in a collision must have the following minimum diagnostic scans, inspections, or calibrations done to avoid improper repair. The automaker's position statement largely reads:

  • A preliminary diagnostic scan during the repair estimation phase to determine what diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) may be present, so proper repairs may be included. 
  • A post-repair diagnostic scan to confirm that no DTCs remain. Any repair that requires disconnection of electrical components in order to perform the repair will require a post-repair diagnostic scan to confirm if the component is reconnected properly and functioning. Damage that requires the replacement of body parts will always require a post-repair diagnostic scan. 
  • Some safety and driver assistive systems will require inspections, calibration, and/or aiming after collision or other body repairs. 

American Honda’s position is that the only way to accurately determine the post-collision status of all Honda and Acura vehicle's electronic control systems is with the factory-authorized diagnostic software, i-HDS.


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