New Chevy Feature Forces Teens to Buckle Up

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May 22, 2019—Chevrolet recently rolled out a new feature that locks teens out of driving until they use their seatbelts, according to The Verge.

In 2017, only 59 percent of high school students reported always wearing seat belts when driving or riding in the front passenger seat, according to the CDC. 

The new “Buckle to Drive” feature will come standard on all 2020 Chevy Traverse, Malibu, and Colorado vehicles.

It works by programing a key fob so that the “teen driver” setting is on by default. That way, when a teen uses their key to start the car, the seatbelt will need to be clicked in order to unlock the gear shift. Moreover, the radio will also stay muted until the seatbelt is fastened. The idea is to inspire teens to buckle their seatbelt.



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