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Audatex: Bumper cover repair can be more beneficial than replacement

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Feb. 8, 2011 — Repairing bumper covers rather than replacing them can be a win-win-win for shops, customers and insurance companies, according to a recent report from Audatex North America.

The report, part of Audatex’s winter 2011 industry trends publication, Audatex Directions, took an in-depth look at repair vs. replacement of bumper covers, which are among the most commonly worked-on parts in the collision repair industry. Using data gathered from companies including 3M and ABRA Auto Body & Glass, the report found several benefits to repairing rather than replacing a bumper:

• Vehicle owners get their cars back sooner;
• Insurance companies see lower claims costs;
• Shops see a bigger profit and reduced cycle time;
• The vehicle keeps its original part, maintaining its integrity and reducing the need to blend adjacent panels;
• The environment benefits through the use of fewer resources and reduced waste.

But the study does note that each job should be individually evaluated and the economics should make sense. Jobs that require many hours of labor could end up costing more in the end than a simple replacement. The report also states that technician and estimator training is crucial and a lack of it is the main reason for inconsistency in bumper cover repair.

In addition to the bumper feature, the Audatex publication showcases the ways Audatex implements its guiding principals, known as Think 80/20, Act 30/30 and Live 90/10.

"These principles provide a blueprint for how we drive value for our customers and employees; reduce waste; and encourage accountability, teamwork and leadership," said Elias Olmeta, chief finance operational officer for Audatex North America. "The bumper cover feature story is about leveraging data and following the 30/30 principle to make an informed repair versus replace decision.”

Audatex Directions also includes articles on vehicle total loss and repairable trends, advances in training for older drivers and new educational programs in the collision repair industry. A PDF of the publication is available here

Audatex is a global claims solutions provider serving the automotive industry.

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