Lyft Opens Own Repair Shops

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According to a Lyft representative, the ride-sharing company has big plans for its proposed repair shops—or Vehicle Service Centers—which are expected to eventually canvas much of the U.S. 

According to Lyft, there are currently two test service centers—one in San Francisco, and the other in Philadelphia. By the end of the year, their goal is to have 34 more locations launched and running throughout the country. 

The Lyft service centers will offer general maintenance and car washes. But Lyft also mentioned the goal of having a majority of the centers additionally offer collision repair.

Lyft’s objective is to cut expenses for their drivers, as well as make their time-use more efficient. According to the Lyft rep, their service center repairs will cost drivers 50 percent less than most facilities, as well as 50 percent of the usual repair time. The fast time is due to the exclusivity of the centers solely servicing Lyft drivers—as well as the centers’ setup. Lyft’s goal is to design the centers with smaller repairs entering the building through a separate entryway than larger repairs, to maximize flow.

According to Lyft, they will be offering services at cost, with discounts up to 50 percent on maintenance, repairs, car washes and more. The service centers will be placed where drivers frequently pick up passengers. Mobile service opportunities are also on the horizon.  ​

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