Mass. Right to Repair Coalition Re-Forms

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March 28, 2019—The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition has re-formed in response to the changes in the way vehicles are made, according to Associations Now.

More than six years ago, a coalition of Massachusetts auto repair shops successfully made the case, both through the state legislature and at the ballot box, to protect the rights of vehicle owners and repair facilities to repair their own vehicles. But the passage of time has exposed a loophole—and as a result, the Right to Repair Coalition is back.

The coalition says that when the 2012 ballot initiative and a later law passed, it was targeted at allowing access to plug-in ports on vehicles. However, most new vehicles do not have those ports, and instead use wireless connections—connections auto repairers don’t have access to, according to the report.

Now, the coalition is spending $100,000 on marketing and advertising outlets. 




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