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The Merits of Investing in Vehicle Wraps

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Marketing on the go doesn't have to be limited to online. According to Bob Mejerle, owner and president of SpeedPro Imaging in Alpharetta, Ga., branding a vehicle via a wrap can create customer interest and further spread the word of a shop business.

"To optimize the investment in a vehicle wrap, wraps/graphics must be designed for the specific vehicles so that the brand, messaging and call to action can be recognized in three seconds or less," Mejerle said.

Mejerle owns the SpeedPro Imaging franchise in Alpharetta. The company was formed in 2004 and now has more than 180 locations to help clients boost their bottom lines with vehicle wraps, wall murals, event graphics, trade show displays, window graphics and other large-format graphics.  According to Mejerle, as of July, the company has worked with over 38,000 B2B clients across various industries.

"We work with a variety of clients who have one vehicle to an entire fleet of branded vehicles," Mejerle said. "The art can consist of recognized logos, call to action and pictures depicting the relative product or service."

For those looking to add marketing on the go, Mejerle shares tips on how to effectively market when using vehicle wraps.

"It’s important that door edges, handles, trim and windows be taken into consideration when laying out the graphic design," Mejerle said. "It’s important the size of letters and pictures be easily viewed at fifty feet."

Additionally, wraps should consist of bold colors that draw attention, Mejerle shares.

"Use bold pops of colors that stand out amongst other cars on the road and catch attention," Mejerle said. "Lastly, it’s important that all logos and other art be vectorized for best resolution when printed."



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