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Pro Spot’s new i4s SMART Auto Spot Welder is Shaking up the Automotive Collision Repair Industry.

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The welding gurus at Pro Spot have listened to the shop owners and repair technicians to develop the industry’s first truly smart Auto Welder that provides reliable Adaptive Auto-Weld settings, Real-Time Training on the welder and the ability to track and export the weld logs via Wi-Fi.  

With this new technology shops can enjoy increased profitability and peace of mind and  technicians will appreciate its ease of use with new features like 360 Degree Arm Rotation and On-Gun Feedback Screen & Controls on the redesigned lightweight welding gun.

The i4s spot welder was designed to address the biggest challenges to welding modern high-strength steels. In order to create the strongest weld possible, the i4s uses a unique system to regulate the true energy delivered to the weld, ensuring smooth and consistent nugget growth and to prevent brittle areas around the nugget from too much heat.

Imagine having only one lane to drive in on the freeway and sticking to it the whole time regardless of traffic, accidents and hazards. Now, imagine if you could switch lanes, getting you home faster and safely. The i4s Adaptive Auto Welding measures and adjusts energy delivered throughout the weld ensuring smooth and consistent nugget growth. These active measurements prevent applying too much heat to the sensitive high-strength steels. If other welders are smart, then this one is genius.


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