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Managing Your Own Facebook Ads

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Feb. 20, 2019—In this day and age, where social media options are abundant, Tammy Martin, marketing expert, says the key to being successful in social media advertising, especially on Facebook, is by remembering to keep the social posts, well ... social.

Martin, owner of Martin Marketing, became a Facebook marketing expert four years ago and since then has consulted with large businesses on ways to increase the return they receive from marketing on Facebook.

Martin shares some insight into how a shop operator can use the Facebook management tools himself or herself in order to gain a large ROI on advertising.

There is a whole advertising management platform behind every Facebook post. In order to target the right audiences and not waste money on placing ads before the wrong people, there is a feature on this platform that allows the business to upload an Excel spreadsheet of the customer list, Martin says.

Facebook then finds people similar to those on the list and cross references the audience on factors like age, gender, stage of life, income and daily spending habits. The algorithm is not revealed on this but it does provide the dealership with a way to look at behaviors and demographics of the existing customer.

The Facebook Pixel allows you to measure your success. This tool is also part of the management platform and lets the dealership upload a list of people that have already spent money in the dealership onto Facebook. It shows who spent money after looking at a specific advertisement and which advertisement that was.

The column called “Return on Advertising Spending” shows how much money you have spent and how much money you have generated.

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