Kia Develops Multi-Collision Air Bag

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Jan. 22, 2019—Kia Motors Corporation, as part of the Hyundai Motor Group, announced the development and future commercialization of the world's first multi-collision air bag system, reported The Citizen.

Current air bag systems do not offer secondary protection when the initial impact is insufficient to cause them to deploy, according to the report. However, the multi-collision air bag system allows air bags to deploy effectively upon a secondary impact by calibrating the status of the vehicle and the occupants.

By recalibrating the collision intensity required for deployment, the air bag system responds more promptly during the secondary impact, thereby improving the safety of multi-collision vehicle occupants.

The leading type of multi-collision accidents involved cars crossing over the center line (30.8 percent), followed by collisions caused by a sudden stop at highway tollgates (13.5 percent), highway median strip collisions (8.0 percent), and sideswiping and collision with trees and electric poles (4.0 percent).

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