Poll: Aggressive Driving on the Rise in Wash., Ore.

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Jan. 17, 2019—Drivers across the northwest in the U.S. are regularly faced with moments where they must make a split-second decision – to be considerate of others on the road, or to assert themselves behind the wheel. And while a new poll from PEMCO Insurance reveals that northwest drivers are becoming increasingly aggressive on the road, most believe that their fellow motorists engage in more rude or dangerous driving behaviors than they do.

Whether it's speeding, tailgating or driving erratically, aggressive driving among most Washington and Oregon drivers is more prevalent today than it was in 2015, when PEMCO last asked about drivers' behavior behind the wheel.

According to PEMCO's latest poll, drivers now admit to acting aggressive about 2.1 times per month, up from an average of 1.3 risky behaviors reported in 2015.

The poll found that millennials, in particular, are becoming notably more aggressive on the road, compared to their older counterparts. Drivers under 35 admit to an average of 3.3 risky maneuvers per month, compared to 2.0 aggressive acts four years ago, while aggression from drivers over 35 has remained the same at about once per month.


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