Polyvance Releases New Cordless Plastic Stapler

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Dec. 13, 2018—Polyvance has released a new 6204 Hot Spot cordless plastic stapler that holds broken plastic parts together so technicians can perform a permanent repair.

The tool is a cordless, rechargeable tool that was designed to be relatively easy to handle, the company said. To operate, the technician would first insert a staple into the brass contacts and then press the button one time to heat the staple instantly. The hot staple is then pressed into the plastic about halfway. The technician will release the button to cool the staple off, hold the stapler in place for a few seconds while the plastic hardens, and then pull the stapler away to leave it in place. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary to hold the repair together.

The 6204 Hot Spot cordless plastic stapler comes packaged in a carrying case and includes 100 each of five kinds of staples in an organizer box. The kit includes a five-volt charger with a micro USB plug to charge the stapler between uses. 

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