CCC Introduces AI Estimating Tool

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Dec. 3, 2018—CCC Information Services Inc. recently introduced what's believed to be the first in-production AI solution for vehicle collision estimates. 

CCC Smart Estimate leverages CCC's estimating logic and AI photo analytics capabilities to pre-populate an estimate with suggestions for human estimators to review, edit, and advance. Through the process, Smart Estimate AI and human estimators learn from each other, creating fast and auto physical damage (APD) estimates over time.

Smart Estimate applies CCC's estimating logic and AI to vehicle collision photos to predict repair requirements and suggest estimate lines, including parts likely required to complete the repair. Smart Estimate can be implemented easily by insurance customers of CCC ONE Platform services and the guided nature of the solution enables new estimators to be trained and productive quickly. Guided estimating parameters are customizable to align with individual insurer business rules.

Nearly 200 million automotive claims have been processed using CCC products and services, and its solutions are in use by more than 350 insurance carriers, 24,000 repair shops, OEMs, and third-party data and service providers.

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