Flexdrive Reveals New Branding

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Nov. 13, 2018—Flexdrive has fully rebranded to illustrate the company it is today versus when it launched in 2014.

While flexdrive started off as an idea that there should be a Netflix for cars, the business looks quite different than it did in 2014. Today, flexdrive is a subscription partner for dealers and businesses with vested interests.

The previous brand identity was suited for an early-market and early-stage company, but, given the pace of change in the subscription market as a whole and flexdrive’s deep history and market position, it was time to change, the company noted in a press release. .

The new logo combines the “f” and “d” from flexdrive into an icon that is reminiscent of a location mark, with an intentionally lowercased "f," to convey a casual vibe. The company’s new tagline “go your own way” further emphasizes a feeling of no boundaries, which, ideally, is offered by a flexdrive subscription.

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