Analysis: Who's Responsible When Self-Driving Cars Kill?

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Nov. 12, 2018—Claire Goldsberry recently wrote an editorial piece in Plastics Today on who is responsible when autonomous vehicles kill. 

According to the report, Robert Huschka in his online publication A3 Insider asks the question, “When Artificial Intelligence Makes a Decision, Who is Responsible?” Huschka noted in his recent editorial that “insurance giant Allianz cited emerging AI technologies as the seventh top risk to business—ahead of political turmoil or climate change,” and warned companies that they "face new liability scenarios and challenges as responsibility shifts from human to machine."

Some questions the industry needs to take into account if there is an accident include "What if the AI system breaks the law?" "If the AI system breaks the law, who should pay the fine or go to jail?" 

Goldsberry says she would ask whether an AI system can actually be programmed to see every possible scenario that a driver could encounter on city streets and highways and make snap decisions that humans have to make every day.

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