BASF Unveils New Digital Visualization Platform

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November 6, 2018—BASF has introduced a digital platform that enables OEM designers to access a database of photo-realistic virtual car colors.

By mapping these colors on car models, OEM designers can virtually paint every color proposal and gain realistic impressions of colors and effects on a complete car already in an early design phase. The program, AUROOM, will allow OEM designers to no longer be solely dependent on physical samples that need to be painted and shipped.

“Automotive coatings are highly complex colors with texture, color position and surface defining the overall impression. To easily understand the impact of these color parameters on a 3-D shape, the digitized colors enable the user to see this on their individual models” said Mark Gutjahr, an executive with BASF's coatings division, in a press release. 

BASF said it currently works with nearly every car manufacturer on the market. 

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