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October 27, 2018—To better assist shop owners with their production management, marketing tactics and leadership styles, FenderBender has compiled a short list of essential business-building material from some of its favorite sources.

The 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice – Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review's research pointed to six leadership skills where practice was particularly important. These are not mysterious and certainly aren’t new. However, the leaders they talked with emphasized that these fundamental skills really matter. Aspiring leaders should focus on practicing these essential basics.

How to get over your fear of speaking up – Fast Company

Fear of speaking up is extremely common in organizations, and most of us can likely relate. Unfortunately, staying silent comes at a price for organizations and employees. Fear dramatically increases the chances that people will look to any means of achieving the goals that have been set, ethical or not, technically safe or not.

Promoting a Close-Knit Company Culture Can Lead to Profitability – Entrepreneur

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu continues his conversation with the president of AppSumo, Ayman Al-Abdullah, about his approach to building a long-lasting team.

How AI Is Changing Way You Work – Fortune

It turns out that companies like Google, are using artificial intelligence technologies to create devices that can translate conversations from one language to another. While Google’s recently released Pixel Buds is a promising start, consider the ways businesses could use the technology when it works seamlessly.

Do You Have the Courage to Become Agile? – Forbes

Agile transformation is the theme of the decade. We’re saturated with reports, books, charts, infographics and white papers describing the agile organization. In their eagerness to restructure, leaders too often miss a decisive truth: Agile transformations depend entirely on the human factor.


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This Week in Business Strategies

This Week in Business Strategies

This Week in Business Strategies

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