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Pros and Cons to Keeping IT In-House or Outsourced

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Whether you operate a small shop or a big shop, the thought may have crossed your mind:

Should I outsource my IT department or keep it in-house?

Kelly Shortreed, senior manager of sales engineering for Mitchell, shares the pros and cons for keeping IT in-house or contracting the work. Shortreed works with Mitchell's implementation team and sets up repair facilities with Mitchell's software and products.

Shortreed says in the time he has worked with shops around the U.S., he has noticed a trend of shops shifting their IT department out of house and consulting an outside company for help when it comes to computer issues or software problems. While technology is rapidly evolving, a shop owner might think only of the cost associated with hiring someone to handle IT on a full-time basis. But, many factors can be taken into consideration when making the decision and an owner should not neglect reflecting upon security and access.

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In-House IT Department:


  • Shortreed says the obvious pro to working with someone exclusively for your shop is you'll have their undivided attention to IT problems.


  • A person on site could end up costing the shop more money.

Outsourcing IT Department:


  • A lot of IT professional consulting businesses have the means to offer consultation 24/7, he says.


  • Based on personal experience, Shortreed says, outside consultants take longer to respond to problems.


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