Advances in Technology Support Partnerships Between Insurers, OEMs

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September 11, 2018—A commentary piece in Property Casualty 360 shares  the future of business: the Instinctive Enterprise and the key to its evolution: AI.

The article outlines the benefits of instant data, learning from driver behavior, the way forward for insurers, and how technology and insights are coming together in this age.

"Industry leaders will be the insurers that use technology like computer vision and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive predictive insights that will help them act and react at speed," the article reads. "At the same time this technology will also empower employees, creating a more agile, adaptive workforce.

"This is the future of business: the Instinctive Enterprise," it continues. "And key to its evolution is AI, connecting people, process, and domain knowledge to adapt instinctively, and make accurate, proactive decisions that benefit customers. The Instinctive Enterprise moves markets, reinvents business models, and amplifies the full potential of its people. It defines the next era of business in insurance."

Find the full article here.

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