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The 4 Tenets of a Great Leader

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Four Tenets of a Great Leader

Patrick Leddin, a professor for the managerial studies program at Vanderbilt and a senior consultant for FranklinCovey, bases his seminars and classes around four main tenets of what makes for a great leader. And those four key areas are based on studies conducted by FranklinCovey, which constantly updates its teachings as technology updates and the workforce experiences a generational shift.


1. The Results They Achieve

Great leaders are action oriented and get results—predictably and consistently. They achieve results this month, next month, next quarter, and next year.

2. The Actions They Take

Great leaders establish a pattern of effective habits. Simply put, they are proactive and dedicate their time, energy and attention to the highest return activities.

3. How They Think

Great leaders frame challenges and opportunities differently. They look at people—their capabilities and talents—more broadly than others. They see potential and opportunity where others see problems.

4. Who They Are

Great leaders have a foundation of character that sets them apart. This foundation creates trust and confidence that permeates throughout their teams and across the organization.

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