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3 Simple Steps to a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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Rachel Heisler, senior digital marketing strategist for Moving Targets, and Kelsey Martin, web developer for Moving Targets, recently spoke with FenderBender for a story, and during that conversation shared some simple steps to starting a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. 

"PPC campaigns are important for shop owners because it allows them to set up a system where their best clients find them instead of vice versa," Heisler says. 

The campaigns allow a business leader to convert customers who are searching for the services a body shop offers and can provide, she says. The term pay-per-click is used to describe the advertising method. 

Steps to PPC

  1. Set up a Google Ads and Analytics account. These accounts are best set up using a Gmail account. Then you can log into Gmail and the accounts are ready for ads. Link your website to the Analytics account and run ads through the Ads platform. 
  2. Decide which type of ad you would like to run and what area you would like to cover. You make these decisions based off the end goal of your ads. Types of ads can include search, display or video. Types of areas to cover can be based on a specific radius or zip code coverage.
  3. The next step is keyword research, which is looking into what words or phrases people are using when searching your business. You want to take into consideration all the keywords that people are typing into their search bars in order to find a business like yours. You can use words like "near me". 

Overall, the steps should include one campaign, multiple ad groups, and three to five ads per ad group.

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