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How It Works: Bugs Off Detailing Pads

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Website:   Cost: $4.99 with $1 shipping  Uses: Cleans bugs and grime   Training: None  

The Reviewer:

Kevin Stein, owner of Stein Auto Body, has been involved in the auto body repair industry since his business opened 47 years ago. Stein can be found tending to many different areas of his shop, including the process of opening the business each day, ordering all of the parts, as well as making sure each job is done correctly.


The Shop:

The 7,000-square-foot shop has the ability to take in many different jobs that are in need of a repair. According to Stein, the shop caters to many, but has seen machines ranging from cars, trucks, combines and even tractors come through the business’ doors. Stein Auto Body is composed of a four-member team and is located in Langdon, N.D.

Stein discovered the product while attending the SEMA Show a few years back. After learning more about the product at their booth, Stein decided to purchase Bugs Off and give it a shot.


How It Works:

Before using the product on a desired surface, fill a bucket with water and soap. Once the bucket is ready, place the Bugs Off pad inside the water, and soak the vehicle. After the vehicle is covered in water and soap, begin to scrub the bug-ridden exterior with the pad. The pads are reusable and can be cleaned off once washing with soap and water.


The Review:

Stein didn’t realize how much time he was spending scrubbing cars until he started using the product. The product is utilized throughout Stein’s shop today, typically when a car enters a garage and throughout the visit. According to Stein, the Bugs Off detailing pads are used around eight times per day at the shop. In addition to being able to carefully clear bugs from a surface before the car is worked out, the product can also rid dirt and grime from other places on the vehicle.

“I’ve never used anything similar,” Stein says. “It’s definitely not going to strip paint to metal.”

Utilizing the product does not harm the vehicle, as the brush does not alter paint or scratch the clear coat, Stein commented.

At the end of each visit, Stein will also clean the car again using the brush to make sure the vehicle’s appearance is in top condition. The product can remove elements that range from grime, a small amount of tar, and a light amount of overspray.


The ROI:

The product saves Stein a lot of time, he says. In the past, Stein used products such as bug sprays and traditional towels to rid of grime on a car.

“It saves me a lot of time; I can move onto the next job,” Stein says.

He estimates that the Bugs Off product takes around 5 minutes to use, which cuts around 15 minutes of the time Stein used to spend cleaning a car.

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