CCC's New Recall System to Help Shops Retain Customers

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June 15, 2018—CCC Information Service and Mazda have created a unique way for shops to retain customers.

This week, the automaker and CCC announced a new system that will allow shops to identify recalled vehicles and then notify affected vehicle owners, available via CCC ONE to all 24,000 collision repair users of the software.

Through CCC ONE, a repairer is required to check-in vehicles as they initiate a repair, says Jim Kinsherf, vice president for CCC's OEM division. During this process, if a vehicle is identified as having an open recall, a pop-up alert appears, and the shop can notify the consumer who may not realize his or her vehicle has an active recall on it. 

"This notification helps the shop to better serve its customers; gives the OEM a new, valuable channel for identifying affected vehicles, and helps the consumer address the required repair work," he says.

Any repair shop using CCC ONE will gain access to these notifications. CCC has so far announced its partnerships with Honda, FCA and Mazda as it relates to recalls.

Kinsherf says one thing they've observed is that OEMs have a particularly challenging time targeting and finding owners of older, pre-owned vehicles. 

"Since 2016, several OEMs have started to share their open recall data, and in a short amount of time, CCC has detected more than 1.2M vehicles in its system, with an average closure rate of 40 percent," he says.


How it Works

  • CCC Recall allows participating OEMs to upload open recall data into CCC ONE daily through standard, easy-access interfaces
  • The system also allows the OEM to create a customized message that describes the nature of the recall and the action the vehicle owner should take.
  • Collision repairers using CCC ONE perform VIN look-ups on vehicles they’re working on and receive recall alerts specific to the vehicle they’re working on, should it be part of an active recall  
  • Repairers print and provide OEM-specific instructions for the consumer to resolve the issue

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