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Evercoat Presents Rage Ultra XTRA

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ITW Evercoat wants to remind body shop owners to be prepared for hot weather by using Rage Ultra XTRA extended worktime body filler.

Rage Ultra XTRA Body Biller gives body repair technicians work time flexibility according to time requirements or ambient temperature while using traditional catalyst and catalyst ratios. In addition, Rage Ultra XTRA be be mixed with Rage ULTRA in various mix ratios for added flexibility while achieving a high quality and high performing repair.

“Some body shop technicians under-catalyze body filler and putty to slow down worktimes in hot weather,” said Carl Seaboldt, senior product manager for ITW Evercoat. “When body filler and putty are under-catalyzed, near and long-term issues can occur. By mixing Rage Ultra XTRA in various ratios with Rage Ultra body filler, body shop technicians can adjust to the desired work time based on the ambient temperature—without sacrificing any of the industry-leading sanding properties of Rage Ultra.”

Rage Ultra XTRA is available in 16-ounce pouches (Part #100145) and one-gallon containers (Part #100144). No special catalyst required.

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