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Two Impactful Business Books

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Shannon Sunday, co-owner for Don's Body Shop in Olathe, Kan., consumes motivational business books and quotes each week. She says she'll subscribe to services through people like leadership consultant Mike Jones to receive inspirational quotes in her email box, and then she will save the ones that stand out.

One line that stood out to her was, "If you're celebrating yesterday's successes, it is likely you are not accomplishing anything today."

Sunday shares two books in particular that impacted her business philosophy.


The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon

After reading The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon, Sunday wanted to make herself more approachable and welcoming to her staff. The book discusses how within everyone, there are two types of dogs. Everyone has a happy dog and a negative dog. Sunday now makes sure her staff knows they can come to her with any questions.

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Take a look at how energy rubs off on people around you, Sunday says. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon book focuses on ten rules to fill a person's work life and team with positive energy. Within the book, the author walks the readers through his journey of his car breaking down and being forced to take the bus to work.

After riding the bus, he realizes that the driver and passengers all have an uplifting and positive energy. So he starts riding the bus every day intentionally. 

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