Nissan Phasing Out Diesel Vehicles in Europe

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May 9, 2018—Nissan is set to phase out diesel from its cars in Europe, according to Financial Times. The Japanese OEM will stop launching passenger vehicles with diesel engines from 2021 on.

Similarly, Toyota has already announced that it’ll stop selling diesel vehicles in Europe, while Fiat Chrysler will cease to produce diesel passenger cars by 2022.

Nissan’s move comes amid plunging diesel sales across Europe, while governments attempt to limit a fuel source that once was so prominent across the continent. France has promised to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2040 on. Meanwhile, the British government has increased taxes on diesel cars and is planning a ban on the sale of most hybrids and all petrol or diesel-driven cars from 2040 on.

According to Financial Times, Nissan officials said: “Our electrification push will allow us to discontinue diesel gradually from passenger cars at the time of each vehicle renewal. This transition will accelerate as we introduce hybrid vehicles and significantly accelerate our electric vehicle offering.”


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