Details Revealed About BMW’s Flexible Subscription Service

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April 9, 2018—More details have been discovered about BMW’s new monthly subscription service that will allow drivers to have access to a fleet of car options, according to a CNBC report. The fee for the service—which began at a BMW dealership in Nashville, Tenn. earlier this month—starts at $2,000, and includes delivery, use of vehicle, insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance, and unlimited switches between models. 

A second tier for the subscription service is also available, and for $3,700 per month customers are granted access to BMW’s M-series.

Subscription services are gaining steam throughout the auto industry. Porsche, for example, launched its own two-tier subscription service last November, with a top price of $3,000.

BMW expects its new subscription service to be available at dealerships nationwide in the near future.


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