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A Better Option for Managing PR for Your Business

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With a full-time PR person on staff, it’s hard to believe that Clay Hoberecht, owner of Best Body Shop in Wichita, Kan., used to be “anti-social media.” All of that changed when he looked over his wife’s shoulder to a video that she was watching on Facebook.

“It was Grant Cardone,” Hoberecht says. “He essentially said, ‘If you’re not on social media and you’re a business owner, you’re an idiot.’”

Hoberecht began ramping up his social media efforts. However, he found that he didn’t always have the time to do it.

“I would be snapping pictures in between different jobs,” Hoberecht says.

It began to take a toll. When a professional photographer took some pictures of the shop and Hoberecht saw the quality, he knew what he needed to do: He hired him on as a full-time PR person. Because he couldn’t afford to pay him the salary that he needed for doing PR alone, Hoberecht taught him how to write estimates.

By being resourceful, Hoberecht now has someone who handles the social media for the shop full time and a new estimator.

View Hoberecht's Facebook video here

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