2017 Tech Tools Survey

2017 FenderBender Tech and Tools Survey: Complete Report

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This Complete Report offers an unprecedented level of insight on the current and future state of technology in the industry. This is exclusive data from our 2017 Tech and Tools Survey that we couldn’t fit into our feature story.

By downloading this Complete Report, you will be able to see if your shop is keeping up with the industry in specific areas, while gaining robust information on what technology may help you thrive in the future.


Complete Data Breakdowns

Front Office Technology

  • % of shops utilizing electronic estimating systems *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops utilizing electronic management systems
  • % of shops utilizing CSI software
  • % of shops utilizing CRM software
  • % of shops utilizing KPI software
  • % of shops utilizing an electronic parts procurement software program

Paint Department Technology

  • % of shops who use waterborne and solvent-based paints *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops with multiple paint booths *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops who can accommodate waterborne paints
  • % of shops utilizing supplemental fresh air systems
  • % of shops utilizing an OEM-approved refinishing system
  • % of shops with downdraft and heated paint booths
  • % of shops utilizing advanced drying equipment

Body Department Technology

  • % of shops that have equipment for simultaneous body & structural pulls *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops with a 220-volt GMA or MIG welder *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops that can conduct and verify four-wheel alignment *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops with access to OEM repair information *Only in the Complete Report 
  • % of shops with a 3-D measuring system
  • % of shops with a squeeze–type resistance spot welder
  • % of shops with plastic welding equipment
  • % of shops with equipment to rivet and bond body panels


Complete Shop Profiles

  • Percentage of Sales from DRPs *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Business Type *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Annual Revenue *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Location *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Staff Size *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Shop Size *Only in the Complete Report 
  • Job Title *Only in the Complete Report 


Scanning Statistics and More

  • Scanning Statistics
  • Investment Outlook
  • Certifications and Training Data
  • Trend Analysis
  • Key Takeaways


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