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Refine Your Production Process to Increase Throughput

While his father oversaw the evolution of the DRP, Tyler Scott Graham oversaw the evolution of the shop’s production process, and now those two styles have coalesced at the $3.5 million shop. Graham’s father credits the shop’s 60 percent rise in sales over the past five years to his son’s rigorous pre-production process.
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Perfect Repair Planning

5 Steps to Perfect Repair Planning

What is likely killing your cycle time the most is your repair planning process. Through interviews with the nation’s top operations and statistical data culled from the FenderBender Industry Survey, here are five repair planning strategies you should implement immediately to achieve ultimate throughput.

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Full FenderBender Webinar on 'Ultimate Throughput' Now Available

The full video for the second installment of the 2018 FenderBender Webinar series, sponsored by Robaina, is now available. Dave Luehr, one of the industry's foremost experts on shop operations, discussed the advanced workflow secrets, top operations strategies, and the advanced technology and systems that are driving the top collision repair businesses forward.

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