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WordPress Releases Slew of Updates Beneficial to Small Businesses

This release contains 29 maintenance fixes and enhancements, chief among them are fixes to the rich Text widget and the introduction of the Custom HTML widget. The most important updates for small business owners using WordPress to consider are the improved media widgets for images, audio, video and rich text, improved links and a news section.
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Microsoft Unveils Beta Version of Outlook

Recent advances in programming, design and artificial intelligence have enabled its engineers and designers to improve the web experience in several areas. Microsoft is looking for feedback on how to improve the email service.
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EstimateScrubber Adds Free Access to 42 Repair Planning Procedures

The free checks allow shops to check their estimates for sensors, advanced substrates, modified refinish/blend allowances, block sand, discontinued parts, core charges, enhanced corrosion protection, recalibration of collision avoidance systems, refinish, undersides of selected panels, and dozens of other repair procedure checks.
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