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Todd Tracy Sues Over Undeployed Recycled Air Bag in Fatal Crash

Attorney Todd Tracy is suing a handful of auto facilities, a dealership and LKQ in relation to a fatal vehicle crash. Tracy claimed one or more of the defendants involved failed to notice the vehicle's air bag was not working, or had installed an aftermarket replacement air bag part that did not work at the time of the accident.
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VW Clock Spring Recall May Have Failed

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has expanded an investigation into the 2015 clock spring recall of 420,000 Volkswagen vehicles that could experience driver-side air bag failures. The expanded investigation includes more than 1.2 million of the following VW models.
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Increasingly Expensive Repairs Raising Total Loss Frequency

As technology continues to reshape vehicle make-up, the increasing costs of repairs signals a problematic future for collision repair: a rise in total losses. Bob Tschippert, senior vice president of Risk Theory, spoke with FenderBender to assess the driving factors of increased total losses and how the industry can expect to overcome it.

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