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SCRS Announces OEM Summit Panelists at SEMA

The Summit topics will address the impact that automotive research has on vehicle construction and functionality, the impact that construction and functionality has on performing once-commonplace repair procedures, and the impact that those OEM procedures—or failure to implement them—have on liability and safety.
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'Explosive Welding' Being Studied for Mixed Material Repairs

As aluminum becomes more popular in vehicles, the industry is searching for safer ways to join mixed materials. There are several academic studies related to the lightweighting issue, including one from Ohio State University, which is studying “civilized explosive welding” as a way to join dissimilar materials and avoid corrosion.
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Waymo Poised to Become Largest Autonomous Technology Company by 2030

Frost & Sullivan expects a Waymo-powered, Level 5 autonomous vehicle, featuring complete connectivity, to become available to the public by 2025. With over 3 million miles of on-road testing of autonomous cars and an industry-first car without a steering wheel or pedals, Waymo could potentially help commercialize its autonomous technology earlier than its competition.
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