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OEM Parts' Effect on Profitability

With the OEM-aftermarket part debate recently resparked by legislation in Rhode Island, FenderBender decided to look at its 2018 FenderBender Industry Survey to see how OEM part use affects profitability.
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Adapt: ACA on OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

In July, two bills that sought to expand restrictions on aftermarket parts were passed in Rhode Island. On this episode of CollisionCast, Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association, and Tom Tucker, director of state affairs for the association, discuss why they believe those bills set a bad precedent for the collision repair industry.
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Report: Auto Tariffs Threaten Low- and Mid-Tier Auto Suppliers

Selling about $50 million worth of parts it makes each year, Lucerne International isn't a top-tier auto supplier. Because the company doesn't have "deep pockets," according to CEO Mary Buchzeiger, long-term contracts with its customers block it from passing higher raw material costs or tariffs on to them. And Lucerne's profit margins are too thin to absorb the higher costs. 
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