Running a Shop

Choosing the Right Rivet Guns for Your Shop

When choosing the right rivet guns for your shop, your local market must be evaluated; OEM procedures must be consulted; various guns that are suited for flow form or blind rivets, grounded or threaded studs, aluminum or steel bodies must be reviewed. In the end, your selection should satisfy almost any repair procedure on any make.
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How They Did It

Does your company resemble what you set out to accomplish from the beginning? Are you the leader you wanted to become? Are your employees part of a realized vision? Here are lessons from three top shop operators who had an idea, a plan and the diligence to realize their visions.
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The Growing Prominence of Online Training

As Tesla moves away from live classroom training to reduce costs and improve training accessibility, I-CAR predicts a future collision repair training environment that is online-based. Here’s what you can expect from I-CAR’s online training platform, which will be combined with a live classroom demonstrations and could very well reflect OEMs’ shift into online training.
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