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Shop Owner Releases Two More Videos Detailing Sherwin-Williams Lawsuit

In the first video, John Tyczki discussed what he describes as complicated and misleading wording of the AWX agreement with Sherwin-Williams and why the company was wrong to sue for lost profits. In the second video, he described what he calls systematic "corporate greed" at Sherwin-Williams, which inevitably leads to conflict with body shops.
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Shop Owner Details Sherwin-Williams Lawsuit in YouTube Video

In the video, John Tyczki details his lawsuit with Sherwin-Williams. In 2015, he alleged that Sherwin’s AWX product line was defective and that the company was aware of the defects and should be held liable for fraud and concealment, and intentional and negligent misrepresentation about the paint products sold. He was later awarded $2.875 million.
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