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Study: Smartphone Use Causing Crashes

Manipulating a cellphone was a contributing factor in more than 800 crash deaths on U.S. roads during 2017 amid a marked increase in the percentage of drivers observed interacting with cellphones, new IIHS research indicates.
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Dec 2017 Survey

The 2017 FenderBender Tech+Tools Survey

In the 2017 FenderBender Tech+Tools Survey, FenderBender compares and contrasts the technology and tool trends our survey has observed, and how it could paint a landscape for the industry’s attentiveness to tools and technologies.

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Survey: Where Will Millennials Take the Car Industry?

Around 57 percent of car-owning millennials said they could not give up manually driving a car, while 42 percent said they would. The results of this particular question were a lot tighter than anticipated and demonstrate the openness many millennials have toward self-driving cars—an openness that is not as prevalent with older American consumers. 
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Three Simple Steps for Improving Email Marketing

GetResponse published a survey that examined email marketing benchmarks and strategies from around the world. For the report, GetResponse analyzed almost 2 billion emails sent by its customers from March to May 2017, in 126 countries across 19 industries.
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'Unprecedented' Growth Expected for Aluminum in Multi-Material Vehicles

Total aluminum content in vehicles is expected to grow from 397 pounds per vehicle (PPV) in 2015 to 565 PPV by 2028, representing 16 percent of total vehicle weight. This is consistent with the emerging trend of automakers transitioning to a multi-material vehicle design approach, choosing aluminum for doors, hoods and trunk lids, body-in-white, bumpers and crash boxes.
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