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The 2017 FenderBender Tech+Tools Survey

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Dec 2017 Survey

Scanning Statistics

As signaled by the numerous stories FenderBender has dedicated to the subject, scanning vehicles has become a huge issue in the industry—much more so than in 2014 when the survey lacked questions about diagnostics. Still, just 48% of respondents said they have a process in place to ensure pre- and post-repair scans are completed when necessary. Roughly 55% say they use a third-party service for scans. Here’s what else FenderBender found:


How often does your business perform pre- and post-repair diagnostic scans?

–Never: 14%

–Always: 39%

–Only when required by OEM repair data: 37%

–Only on structural repairs: 10%


How many OEM scan tools does your business own?

–None: 29%

–1: 35%

–2: 25%

–3 or more: 11%


Does your business utilize a third-party service for scanning services (e.g., asTech, dealership outsourcing, etc.)?

–Yes: 55%

–No: 45%


How much does your shop charge for diagnostic scans?

–One full labor hour: 45%

–Less than one full labor hour: 23%

–More than one full labor hour: 32%


Does your business have challenges being reimbursed for diagnostic scans?

–Never: 14%

–Rarely: 61%

–Most often: 25%


Do you have a process in place to ensure pre- and post-repair scans are performed when necessary?

–Yes: 48%

–No: 52%

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