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Nov. 6, 2017— announced the integration of Collision Chain of Custody (CCoC) with its portal.

CCoC offers repairers two easy ways to help protect their shops against litigation by recording and digitally managing their repair documentation. subscribers can create a digital evidence bag containing important repair information, documentation and/or photos, lock the packet with a digital fingerprint and download to their shop at no extra charge.

Repairers can opt to store their digital evidence bags in's digital evidence vault for a small monthly charge.

CCoC was created with Federal Rule of Evidence 902 (12) and (13) in mind. FRE 902 is routinely used by trial attorneys in civil and in criminal matters to introduce self-authenticating digital evidence.

CCoC creates digital fingerprints for individual documents’ and digital evidence bags. A digital certificate is provided with the individual documents' digital fingerprints, making it simple to validate the digital evidence bag contains unaltered copies of original documents.

"CCoC gives repairers an easy 1-2-3 CYA process. (1) upload scan printouts, OEM repair documents, photographs validating welded areas, frame or alignment dimension printouts, or any other documentation needed to validate your repair, 2) download the digital evidence bag and certificate, and 3) if needed, present the certificate and digital evidence bag to your attorney. Any competent computer professional can validate the documents were not altered from the originals uploaded, maintaining the chain of custody integrity. Using our digital evidence vault is even easier. Just download the document along with the digital fingerprint and a chain of custody log - give to your attorney and enjoy a cup of coffee,” said Steven Siessman, of

CCoC is currently available at no charge to subscribers. The digital evidence vault option will be available Nov. 13, 2018.

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