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Service King Makes Move for Greater Data Protection

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Derek Kramer has over 20 years of experience with innovative technology, including holding the position of VP of business technology at Pacific Gas and Electric Company before he joined Service King in October 2015 as its chief information officer. His position includes creating IT systems to meet the sprawling MSO's needs. During his time with the company, he has established IT strategies around field mobility and streamlining business operations. Kramer is dedicated to furthering Service King’s commitment to technology and spoke with FenderBender about the importance of recent hire Anil Varghese, the company’s first-ever information security officer.

What is the significance of this new position?

It is the first of it’s kind for Service King and I’m not aware of any other outfits in the collision industry that have someone designated in that specific position.

As the company continues to grow, we are taking a collective look to make sure that we are growing the right way. Service King has a safety focus. We wanted to make sure that we were being proactive about security. As we add more employees and carriers, we want to make sure that their data and the customers' data is protected, which is why we decided to create the position of information security officer. Service King is focused on being a leader in collision repair, and hiring for this position is part and parcel of that.

What were you looking for in a candidate?

We were looking at security professionals. Someone with the ability to balance managing risk profiles and policies while enabling us to innovate. We had a great opportunity to interview a roster of candidates. It was easy for us to select Anil Varghese. He had enthusiasm for the role. He understands how to implement a security apparatus while enabling the company for future growth.

What will his responsibilities be?

Varghese will be collaborating with the Service King group. This job focuses on creating a reliable system, which means bringing all different walks of life together. He will be interviewing carriers and people outside of the industry in order to create a plan of action for creating a security plan.

What does this mean for the future of the company and for the industry as a whole?

For us, it means that we are taking safety culture seriously. We are making an investment in information security. It will set the tone of rising and emerging trends with information security. As it continues to evolve and emerge, there needs to be a commensurate in the area of security. I have no doubt more positions like this will follow in the industry. If companies have not already done so, they will shortly be making plans to.

Will similar positions be following for Service King?

As the industry continues to evolve, more needs will arise. We could wait for the need to arise again, but Service King is being proactive and recognizes the future and that the industry is on the verge of more innovative roles. This role and other functions are a continued investment by Service King. Carriers see us as being innovative and proactive. We are taking that seriously with any other roles we are considering.

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