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Feb. 23, 2016— announced the inclusion of OEM Scratch and Dent Parts to its applications.

The CollisionPartsSource plus OEM Scratch and Dent, which was developed in conjunction with Tonkin Parts Centers, allows dealership part departments to show repairers their available returned OE parts inventory as they scrub estimates.

The app works with estimates created with the AudaExplore, CCC and Mitchell estimating platforms.

The CollisionPartsSource plus OEM Scratch and Dent app provides a channel to make parts available to repairers at the exact time they need them.

“It makes sense to look at alternate sources of parts when scrubbing estimates. The estimate is written and any dynamic parts pricing done. At that time it is logical to make a final check of non-traditional parts channels, such as looking at parts held by other shops or Scratch and Dent parts offered by OE dealership parts departments,” said Steven Siessman, president of

“If you sell wholesale collision parts long enough you’ll eventually end up with damaged parts.  Often times the dealer doesn’t have any way to recoup the expense from the manufacturer.  So, if a shop would be willing to buy a part, at a deep discount, rather than the dealer writing the inventory off and throwing the part away, the dealer and the shop win,” said Keith Burtran, senior management of Tonkin Parts Center.

How the app works:

  • Create the estimate in Audatex, CCC or Mitchell
  • Upload and Scrub the estimate at
  • Check parts available from other shops or Dealer Scratch and Dent inventory
  • One-click contact allows repairers to immediately contact multiple vendors via email

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