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Mobilize your ADAS Workforce

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Goliath Carts is an industry-leading carts manufacturer that specializes in mobilizing the workforce. The development of a brand-new cart designed for “ADAS” systems enables the user the ability to perform blueprinting, calibration, scanning, and diagnostics all from the job location. The Goliath Carts TGO-DC2 is a three-screen mobile workstation fitted with adjustable cubbies for scan tools, a locking printer cabinet, and a power system that lasts up to four days on a single charge. This cart increases worker safety and ergonomics while decreasing wasted movement by the technician. The TGO-DC2 houses and operates this technology in a rugged, secure, and mobile location. Quality and accuracy of information are improved by scanning, entering, and printing data at the job location.

In today’s workplace, everything that takes you away from the job site brings a potential for distraction and error. As ADAS technology becomes increasingly popular, it is vital that technicians have everything they need at the job location in order to accurately work with specialized technology. Although carts have always been a key piece of equipment in any business, the innovation of a powered mobile cart has raised the bar on operating efficiency for a truly mobile workforce. A mobile cart empowers workers with the ability to perform daily tasks without limiting their capabilities or compromising accuracy. If you’ve been searching for ways to improve productivity in your business, and have looked at mobilizing your workforce, consider a “purpose-built,” powered mobile cart.

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