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Comfort Meets Quality: How One Body Shop Does It All

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For shop owner David Caulfield, continuous innovation equates to comfort.


Caulfield has been the owner of Fix Auto Anaheim North, a specialized collision services center that caters to a plethora of the collision repair industry’s challenges, since February 2018.


Ranging from solving conflicts that can arise from risk and liability to the varying standard operating procedures and costs, here’s how the business got to where it is today.


Going About the Basics

Although these challenges are complex, Fix Auto Anaheim North has the staff, tools, and determination to combat them.

“Though there are many areas to improve, we begin by focusing on the quality of our products and services sold,” Caulfield says.

For instance, thanks to the shop’s utilization of OEM parts, vehicles are able to move seamlessly throughout the repair process, according to Caulfield.


In addition, unlike most transactional labor operation decisions that “are subject to traditional and subjective estimating practices,” Fix Auto Anaheim North practices “lean, objective views to create a repair plan,” he says.


Therefore, each vehicle that leaves Caulfield’s shop is the result of continuous innovation, education, and improvement.


Redefining the Mold

“I’ve designed all the body shops I’ve had in the past,” Caulfield says.


From interiors and landscapes to countless details, each of Caulfield’s floor plans is innovative at its cores.


Breaking from tradition is what Fix Auto Anaheim North is all about.


When Caulfield and his team, “first thought of what’s practical for operating a body shop, taking the risk to go ahead and change the floor plan that’s different from tradition” came to the forefront of their minds.


Ensuring that vehicles could come in on a first come, first serve basis and have full transparency with the community was a key part of their planning.


The Breakdown of Processes

“Customer care handles all that pre-repair check-in, post-repair check-out, and interim updates and communications with the customer,” Caulfield says.


Not only is customer service essentially the face of the company, but at Fix Auto Anaheim North, “the only customer that the plant has is customer care,” as well.


In essence, a representative will notify the plant of an order in need of filling, “which is actually to take care of the car,” allowing for a seamless transition.


The Road Ahead

In short, Caulfield has one goal: to encourage the industry to separate, “the heavy collision and reliability high-risk repair from the majority of repairs that don’t require those skill sets and technologies required to repair a larger, heavier impacted job,” he says.


Full Transparency Eliminating Fear

“The first thing that the customer sees when they get a delivery package is the quality control near the quality validation checklist that shows that there have been multiple sets of eyes on their vehicle before it leaves the property,” Caulfield says. 


Caulfield believes that this extra step eliminates any fear customers may have.


Therefore, this higher level of comfort has been distributed to all clientele.

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