What's The Most Popular Video Game Car?

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May 29, 2021—Cars have featured heavily in a variety of video games over the years, enabling users to get around, race, and take part in nail-biting high-speed chases on screen. But which cars appear most frequently in the digital world?

A new study by Uswitch looked for answers, analysing video games to determine which makes, models, colors, and brands appeared the most. 

Sitting atop the list is the Ford Crown Victoria Mk2, which is used often as a police car or taxi. The car has amassed 635 video game appearances all-in-all most of which are in the 2000 game Midnight Club: Street Racing (6). Of all appearances, the car is painted in the color yellow 187 times.

In second place was the Ford Mustang Mk, featured 545 times. The Nissan Skyline Mk10, the Toyota Supra Mk4, and the Mazda RX-7 Mk3 rounded out the top five. 

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