NHTSA proposes safety standards for glazing materials

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June 27, 2012—The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a proposed regulation that would set vehicle safety standards for glazing materials, according to the Automotive Service Association (ASA).

The regulation would allow for the United States to have similar regulatory requirements compared to other industrialized countries around the world. The ASA said the regulation would modernize test procedures for tempered glass, laminated glass and glass-plastic glazing used in front and rear windshields and side windows.

The NHTSA is considering the new regulation after a finalized vote in favor of establishing a global technical regulation on automotive glazing under the Economic Commission for Europe 1998 Agreement, the ASA said. The NHTSA is working to harmonize vehicle safety standards under that agreement.

To view the full text of the proposed regulation, visit the ASA’s legislative website, takingthehill.com.

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