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Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) and Magic Guard are a revolutionary combo that protects all metal parts: bare, coated and painted. Made in the USA, this SEMA award-winning patented formula continues to pass test after test! Developed by a car enthusiast, it is invisible to the eye and dry to the touch while protecting your metal parts from rust, oxidation and corrosion.


Rust Prevention Magic (RPM)

Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) will protect the surface of bare metal components and keep unwanted oxidation from altering the natural patina and finish. It is impervious to corrosive chemicals such as acids, saltwater, and all types of damaging moisture. Extreme durability! Just clean the bare metal, warm the part with a heat gun or hair dryer, brush RPM on and watch it melt right into the pores of the metal, as it cools wipe away any extra. That’s it! Your metal is now protected.


Magic Guard

An easy-to-apply product that protects your chrome, aluminum and magnesium parts and wheels against brake dust, white chalky residue, oxidation and corrosion. Protects bare, coated and plated metals by creating a durable impenetrable barrier. Use on glass to enhance visibility with water beading technology and to prevent water spots. Easy application! Apply a thin coating to the cleaned surface with the microfiber cloth provided. It’s also a terrific Wheel Sealant.


For more information about Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) and Magic Guard visit or call 855-532-7846.

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